Al Garnto's Appalachian Sculpture Project

Al Garnto speaks to a tour group about the Appalachian Sculpture Project, Meeks Park, Blairsville, Georgia.

Group tour in Meeks Park, Blairsville, Ga

This recently installed kinetic sculpture by Al Garnto is located in Meeks Park 2 off of Blue Ridge Highway.


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Kinetic sculpture by Al Garnto located on Butternut Creek in Meeks Park

Carbon Water Drops by Al Garnto - Kinetic Sculpture - Carbon steel & Recycled Aluminum - Size: 48"X144"X28", June 2011



Al Garnto - Blacksmith

Garnto just finished several large outdoor kinetic sculptures located at Meeks Park 2 off of Blue Ridge Highway.


The Appalachian Sculpture Project helps increase tourism, attracts students from colleges and surrounding school systems, utilizes recycled materials, increases awareness of learning disabilities, and adds to the beauty of Meeks Park. Most of Garnto's sculptures incorporate a plaque with art, math, science, and history lessons for educational purposes.

Meeks Park, located in Blairsville, Georgia is host to numerous Garnto kinetic sculptures, making the park the largest kinetic sculpture installation in Northeast Georgia history.

Mr. Garnto is currently looking for colleges, state universities, and rural towns in the Appalachian Mountains that would be interested in being a part of his project.

If you would like to host one or more of these sculptures and become a part of the Appalachian Sculpture Project email Al Garnto at Funding and grants are available from various sources.

Country Caulder by Al Garnto

Country Calder is the first installation of the Appalachian Sculpture Project.



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