Al Garnto and the Little Jim Global Art Project

Al Garnto with Little Jim's of different sizes

Al Garnto and Little Jim

Little Jim travels to the big city.

Little Jim and city lights


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Little Jim and a friend

Little Jim and Howard Finster's Elvis at Three hang out at Al's studio.



Al garnto's "Little Jim's" are based on his late great granddaddy Little Jim Davenport. Little Jim was known for his character, storytelling ability, quick wit, denim overalls, felt hat, and having only one arm.

Little Jim met misfortune at a young age in a tragic sawmill accident when he lost his right arm just below his elbow on Friday the 13th, 1928. Even after this tragedy Jim Davenport never thought of himself as handicapped and lived a long, productive life.

Al says, "One morning I woke up thinking about Granddaddy and with nothing more than an old piece of plywood, I cut out a "Little Jim" and painted it up. When the old timers heard what was going on with the Little Jim Project they were thrilled to hear that Little Jim was back. Friends and collectors started buying Little Jim's almost as fast as I could make them. Each Little Jim has sayings on the back taken directly from "The Little Jim Storybook of Sayings" -- a personal family album written by my mother. Now People take "Little Jim" on road trips, photograph him by state lines, in clubs, with their families, and so on. They email pictures of Little Jim's travels to me -- he is becoming a phenomenon."

Little Jim Davenport and Al Garnto

Al Garnto and his great granddaddy Little Jim Davenport



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