Al Garnto's Metal Sculptures

Water Pump Daisy - metal sculpture by Artist Al Garnto

Windsculpture Weathervane


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Steel Fiddle by Al Garnto

Garnto's Steel Instruments Collection showcases precision metalwork and blacksmithing skills.



Al Garnto is well known for his large, kinetic sculptures but he also does smaller works in various mediums. Working in his blacksmith shop, Garnto creates whimsical objects that defy classification. Some call them folk art, some say they are metal sculptures. Due to quality materials and superior craftsmanship everyone agrees that Garnto's pieces will last a life time and beyond.

Petroglyph Lizard Vase - Metal sculpture by Al Garnto

Petroglyph Lizard Vase - metal sculpture by Al Garnto



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Al Garnto Studio is located in Blairsville, Georgia 30512.

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