Oil Paintings by Al Garnto

Granddad's Old Well House by Al Garnto 2007 - Oil on Canvas 37.5" X 37.5"

Oil painting by Al Garnto


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Oiil on canvas by Al Garnto

Byron Herbert Reece #1 The Farmer by Al Garnto - Large Scale Oil on Canvas 60" X 60" On permanant display in the Bryon Herbert Reece Collection at Duckworth Library, Young Harris College



As a multidisciplinary artist, Al Garnto expresses himself in a wide array of mediums. Garnto has been working with oils and acrylics since 1986. His paintings range in size from small scale to larger-than-life. Being trained in the classical tradition of the old masters, Garnto brings a unique contemporary style to his artwork.

Al Garnto and Dorothy

Although Al Garnto utilizes a lot of stretched canvas for his large scaled paintings, for this project he painted "Dorothy" on an old hot-water tank from the dump. It takes a lot of wind to get this kinetic sound bell sculpture to ring, but when it does the whole neighborhood knows it.



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