Quotes by Al Garnto

“I have always believed that the talents you are blessed with in life are a strong indication of what God wants you to do with your life. There is something he wants done. Your job is to discover those talents and use them.” Al Garnto


“Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us get in our studios and work! The act of creating will feed itself. Before you know it you will have more ideas then you can achieve in a lifetime. Just listen to your thoughts.” Al Garnto


“My goal in life as an artist is to leave behind such a vast number of works that there is no way the art world will be able to ignore it!” Al Garnto


“I don’t believe in limiting myself to any particular style, approach, or direction in art. Why should I have to limit my creative abilities so that my critics don’t get confused? If anything -- it is their job to keep up! You don’t label yourself strictly a Greek Food Eater do you? You cultivate into your diet the foods that work for you. Everybody understands why different foods are important to our health, but for whatever reason critics seem to want artists to be malnourished.” Al Garnto


“When you learn to look at the world differently, it becomes a different world.” Al Garnto




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